An active thermally managed system maintaining your catalytic convertor above the critical light off temperature.


Three years ago a small group of Canadian innovators stumbled across a shared passion in cars. This passion gave way to an industry breakthrough in Catalytic Converter technology.

John Douglas, a tool and die maker by trade, Rob Crawford, a materials engineer and Anthony Hardenne, who describes himself as a "serial entrepreneur" with this shared passion for cars embarked on a journey to find a solution to the problem of emissions. The three men formed what is now Advanced Technology Emissions Solutions (ATES) to see if there was something that could be done to help.

Their result, the SI-CAT, or Smart Induction Catalytic Converter.

Using innovative technology the three had developed a substrate that could be heated to working temperatures within seconds of a cold start. As well, the system could be turned back on if the temperature dropped below the critical threshold. This enables the SI-Cat to keep optimal temperatures for the very minimum in chemical discharge during idling and in city driving speeds, thereby reducing overall emissions and sustaining safer, cleaner air during operation of the vehicle.


As recently published in the Toronto Star, the next big thing in automotive emissions technology is ATES Inc with their SI-Cat.

Three local men are changing the conversation. Read the articles here to get the full picture on this innovative new technology that could prove ground breaking for the auto industry.

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